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Have a monthly mixed meat box, delivered right to your door.* What does this mean for you?

You get first dibs on specialty items such as prime rib roasts, steaks, and hams, as well as those items that run low on stock sooner like bacon, liver, and pork chops. Recipes will occasionally be included for the not-so-common cuts you may receive.

Also you can add additional items from our store to your order and get them delivered along with your box. As well, we can somewhat customize your box, so if there is a specific item you want in the box, let us know, and we will see if we can accommodate that.

This is one more thing you can stroke off your to-do list. By selecting the size box that is right for you for the month, you ensure easy access to healthy, nutritious meats. Click on the links below to order online

Small Economical Box - $119.95 - order now

Large Economical Box - $174.95 - order now

Economical boxes have the more typical cuts of meats that don't come with the luxury price tag.  With the economical box, you get more meat at a lesser price. 


Small Luxury Box - $119.95 - order now

Large Luxury Box - $174.95 - order now

The luxury boxes have more luxury type cuts of meats such as

prime rib roasts, steaks, smoked items etc.

*Delivery charges apply after the first delivery. 

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Be the first to know about price increases.

Unfortunately, with the way feed costs and other costs have been rising in the last couple of months, we cannot offer locked-in prices for a year.


Monthly delivery right to your doorstep on the first Friday or Saturday of each month. This box will include a variety of different cuts and will even include some recipes for some of the lesser-known cuts of meat.
(ie. pork hocks)


Our guarantee to you is our animals are raised right here on our farm, with love and care - with Jesse and I being the primary caretakers. In the future, we may be partnering with another small local producer but we will definitely let you know!

The butchery stage is outsourced to provincially licensed butchers.


Ordering Details

Any of our subscribe & save options can be ordered on any of our social media platforms or here!

We accept credit cards online or e-transfer to for any meat boxes.

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