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Azure Highlands - Markdale, ON - Family Farm - Farm Market - Local Meat - Glenn Carstens Unsplash

Meet our Vision!


We believe a farm is a great place to raise a family and teach practical skills.

Having grown up on small family farms ourselves, we knew we wanted a small farm ourselves to raise our family. Several years of raising our own meat, plus the knowledge and good farm heritage we have, has given us a passion for raising healthy food.

Consuming healthy food strengthens immunity and produces healthy people. Food grown or animals raised on pasture can only be as good as the soil it is raised in. We are so passionate about promoting healthy chemical-free soil that in turn produces good crops and pastures. 

Buying local is for the greater good for everyone and we advocate for this. Let's get back to the basics of life and farming.

Jesse & Louella


Our Commitment


It is our absolute pleasure to serve you and your families in this way by providing you with an affordable healthy way to feed your family, while still farming in a way that honours our Creator and the laws he established and in a way that brings life to our beautiful planet.

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