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Azure Highlands - Markdale, ON - Family Farm - Farm Market - Local Meat - Glenn Carstens Unsplash
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Our Chickens



By using the best possible practices we strive to raise healthy and happy animals!

We are totally sold on the idea of growing chickens outdoors on grass for two reasons:


seen and tasted the difference in

the chickens we've eaten


seen how much this improves the quality of

the pasture or lawn they've been across


Our chicks come from a hatchery at a day old and we keep them in a climate-controlled environment for 3-4 weeks. After this, they are then moved outside to a portable chicken tractor and moved to fresh grass twice daily.

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Because of our commitment to raising chickens in this way, we only raise them from approx. April to October.

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Though raising chickens this way cuts our growing time and is more work, we are confident with the result of the higher-quality product is worth the extra hassle and sometimes running out of stock in the winter months.

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Our Laying Hens


In the summer months, we have truly free-range chickens, letting them out of their hen mobile in the morning after egg laying and closing them in for the night.

In the winter, they are free-range in a closed-in shelter.

They are fed a mixed grains ration in addition to whatever foraging they do. As well they love kitchen scraps, particularly squash and pumpkin seeds which are good for helping them with natural deworming.

We have also discovered that providing them sifted ashes from our woodstove allows them to have dust baths which helps with lice control/prevention.

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