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Azure Highlands - Markdale, ON - Family Farm - Farm Market - Local Meat - Glenn Carstens Unsplash
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Our Cattle



By using the best possible practices we strive to raise healthy and happy animals!

We love being able to provide a healthy natural life cycle for our cattle. Both a stress-free and care-free life creates a better product, and it shows.

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We are currently building our own beef herd, but in order to meet demand,  we also bring in some calves at a young age - from local farms or further abroad.

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During summer, the cattle rotate to fresh pasture daily. This provides consistent nutrition for the cattle and allows the paddock time to rest and regrow.

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In the winter, the cattle are provided with hay and/or baleage and a bit of grain ration once daily. Constant access to the great outdoors keeps them healthy and strong.

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