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Image by Fi Jones
Image by Max Saeling

Our Farming Practices



We strive to honour the natural habitat and lifestyle of each animal as best we can.

While we need to make provisions for the cold weather, we believe that it is in the best interest of the health of our animals to allow them access to the outdoors as much as they choose.

Our commitment includes using;

non-GMO and/or organic feed


manure and compost on the fields instead of commercial fertilizer


no antibiotics or drugs unless absolutely necessary


no hormones for faster growth

We are fully transparent in our practices and welcome you to come anytime - we just ask that you call first to make sure we are around!

Our Commitment

It is our absolute pleasure to serve you and your families in this way by providing you with an affordable healthy way to feed your family, while still farming in a way that honours our Creator and the laws he established and in a way that brings life to our beautiful planet.

Image by Alex Andrew



Take a look at how we raise our chickens on our farm!

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Take a look at how we raise our cows on our farm!

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Take a look at how we raise our pigs on our farm!

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