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Welcome to our Farm

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Who are we: We are a family of four (soon to be five!). My husband Jesse and myself have 2 daughters: Talyia (6) who just started school and takes after her dad in his calm, sensible, perfectionistic ways; and Soraya (3 1/2) who stays home with me most days and who takes after her mom with her wildly chaotic and flighty ways. Together, we're all a match made in heaven, as they say:)

What are we: I will share more of our story to come but we have a small farm that we are striving to farm in organic, regenerative ways. We raise grassfed beef, pastured pork and pastured chicken and feed with all non-gmo organic feed. All our animals have access and/or are outside the majority of their lives.

We are slowly building up a beef herd of momma cows to be able to supply our own calves. Until then, we buy from a neighbour or a friend. We are not necessarily stuck on a particular breed but rather any beef animal that will do well on grass.

We work with the same farmer who supplies our feed to get little piglets twice a year.

Out of necessity for the volume we raise, we buy chicks from local hatcheries throughout the summer.

Where are we: Our farm is close to Markdale. We have a delivery program if you sign up for our monthly subscription meat box. More details here: Subscription Boxes | Azure Highlands Homestead | Markdale, ON | Farm Market | Organic Food

What do we offer: We have a farmstore on our farm where you can come and shop directly with us for anything we have in stock. Alternatively, you can shop online at our online store here: Azure Highlands Homestead ( and pick up from the farmstore. Open hours are Friday & Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. We also offer by-appointment pick up on any of the other days except Sundays.

Typically we have a variety of beef, pork and chicken in stock but some things may at times be sold out until the next processing date. We thank you for your understanding of this!

Where do you come in: Our job is to produce high-quality nutrient dense food with the best care and environment we can give our animals. Are you wanting to be more mindful of the food you consume, making sure it is nutrient dense and well raised? Do you like to support your local farmer but you're lost in a sea of confusing information and labels? Visit our website or farmstore and let's chat! We want to be transparent in what we do and the reasons we have chosen to do them this way. Find us on social media under @azurehighlandshomestead to see behind the scenes of life on our farm. Join our newsletter for deeper chats and ponderings of my brain as well as being the first to know about sales. It is our hope and pleasure to serve you well with good food while still holding true to values and farming principles we believe honour the way God designed nature to work! Thank you so much for being here and welcome to our journey and all that goes with it!

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