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we're thankful for you this Thanksgiving

When we started this farmstore and raising meat for more than just our little family, I expected to build relationships within the community.

But we've been blessed far, far beyond what I expected!

You come here and ask how we're doing, how the farm is doing, how our children are doing, what are we doing right now. I love that and I love hearing how your family is doing, what your children are eating (especially this since everyone knows children are always hungry!), what new projects you're doing.

I just didn't expect you to invest in our farm and lives quite as much as you have and it makes me cry sometimes! Your kindness and thoughtfulness has blessed us so often!

I remember those orders that came through when our finances were really tight and we could really use some cash.

Someone brought us a cooked dish to try and I still feel the relief that sank through my bones when that came through the door. You know I don't like cooking!

I think of the time I spent discussing canning and jars and next thing I know a box of the very jars I had been looking for landed on our doorstep. "I was shopping in a thrift store and saw these jars and thought of you."

What about the totes full of clothes someone donated before our son was born. Those have come in so handy!

I remember little gifts for our children, change left here just because. "Use it to buy your children a little treat."

So many times you thank us so wholeheartedly for raising meat for you but I always feel like we ought to be the ones thanking you for supporting us. We willingly choose to work hard to raise animals and we are just so grateful that you are using your hard earned money to support us.

I feel like I could share so many more instances of being blest here in our farmstore. There's been laughter and tears, joys and sorrows, good and bad shared here in the farmstore through the avenue of food.

At the end of the day, isn't that all we're looking for - a deeper connection with each other and with our food??

This Thanksgiving, we are just so, so grateful for you and we hope you feel blessed as we do!

PS I hope you know this is not us asking for more things from you but rather a way to count our blessings and express our thanks!

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