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A Blessing in the Farmstore

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

“Here, I brought back some egg cartons.” Sherri* held out a shopping bag filled with egg cartons, as she entered the farmstore.

“Thank you, we can always use those.” I accepted the bag from her.

“And here,” she continued, “I brought you something else.”

“OK,” I glanced at her, not sure what she was getting at and not expecting anything.

She set her bag down on the freezer and opened it, pulling out two containers. “This is cabbage rolls. I made them myself, from quality, organic ingredients.”

I stared at her in disbelief, jaw slacking. How could she have known?

“You know, it’s a traditional Romanian dish.” Her beautiful brown eyes pushed deep into my soul. I recovered my words, wanting to weep.

“Yes, I know what it is. They’re one of Jesse’s favourite dishes. He had them years ago and loved them! But I hardly ever make them. Look, Soraya,” I turned to our four-year-old who had entered the store. “She brought us cabbage rolls. Daddy will love these!”

But Sherri wasn’t done yet. “And this,” she continued, setting another box on the freezer, “is a traditional Romanian cake. I made it from scratch, with organic and whole ingredients."

Soraya clapped her hands in delight and I managed to recover words again. ‘Wow, Sherri, that is so kind of you! All of this. We will enjoy and appreciate this so much.”

I think Sherri bought some of our pasture raised meats that day in the farmstore, I honestly don’t remember.

What I remember is the smile of delight and joy in my soul as we sat as a family and enjoyed the delicious dishes she had prepared for us. It was as if Jesus sat right there and laughed with us, especially smiling at me.

You see, she couldn’t have known how discouraged I had felt that morning, how overwhelmed at numerous things going on. She didn’t know how much Jesse enjoys cabbage rolls. She didn’t know but Someone else did and her gift was like a special hug just from Jesus!

*not her real name

I don't share this as a way to garner more favours from you but so that you can share in the joy I experienced that day!

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