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Azure Highlands - Markdale, ON - Family Farm - Farm Market - Local Meat - Glenn Carstens Unsplash

"Our goal is to farm in a way that brings our farm and people in harmony with our Creator the way he designed things to be."

Jesse & Louella

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Stepping Back is Stepping Forward


Our passion stems from the ground.

Food can only be as good as the soil it's grown or raised on. We whole-heartedly promote healthy chemical-free soil that in turn produces good crops and pastures.


Our Animals


We are committed to using good animal husbandry practices. This is an essential component of the production of quality food. It encompasses raising healthy animals in a full-circle manner.

Proudly raising our animals;


Organic Grain Supplemented

Our Commitment


It is our absolute pleasure to serve you and your families in this way by providing you with an affordable healthy way to feed your family, while still farming in a way that honours our Creator and the laws he established and in a way that brings life to our beautiful planet.

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